Rent a Catamaran Lagoon 440 in Ibiza

What could not like the catamarans? These boats are really powerful and unique in the theme of sport cruises, its structure allows great stability at sea, as well as providing balance to its crew, because when traveling by catamaran you do not feel the waves as much as in a monohull sailboat, because therefore avoid dizziness and drunkenness, additional activities can be done while the boat is in motion. Rent Catamaran in Ibiza basically due to the need to enjoy more of the island.

Lagoon 440

The Lagoon 440 is a catamaran-type sporty sailboat, designed to maintain the comfort of home on a boat. This boat was built in 2007, has capacity for 10 people, has four double cabins., 8 bunk beds and 4 bathrooms with hot water, kitchen with freezer, electric refrigerator, microwave and other kitchen equipment.

This type of boats are designed for people looking to spend a few days of enjoyment at sea, doing recreational activities such as diving, kayaking, Flyboarding, among others.

Its structure allows for more privacy among the ship’s crew. With the Lagoon 440 you can travel the 550 kilometers of coastline that Ibiza has, as well as other places.

One of the advantages of rent a Catamaran Lagoon 440 in Ibiza , is that this type of boat is that it can reach shallow waters, something that a normal sailing boat can not do and this feature allows people on board, Enjoy more of the beaches and even take the time to explore the shore and the different places that are on the mainland.

What is a pattern?

The skipper is the person responsible for the boat and its crew, in a few words it is the captain of the ship. This figure must be aware of everything that happens on the ship and must be able to solve any emergency that may arise.

Advantages of requesting the services of a skipper

There are many advantages we have when requesting the rental of sailboats with skipper in Ibiza . Next we will mention some of them:

  1. By delegating responsibilities, we have more time to share and enjoy.
  2. The skipper of the ship is able to solve any problem that may arise on the ship.
  3. The captain knows many places, so he can take you to each of them.

There are many advantages to hiring a skipper so when you think of renting a sailboat do not hesitate to request the service of this qualified staff.

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