Productos náuticos

Desde la llegada de los vehículos náuticos y los problemas técnicos que vienen con ellos, a lo largo del tiempo para su propietario el encontrar los repuestos puede ser de sumo problema si no se tienen los medios necesarios para hacerlo, por ello en la actualidad muchos proveedores desean brindarte ese servicio. Buscando ofrecerte los … Continue reading "Productos náuticos"

Nautical fire extinguishers

Fires on board ships are one of the most dangerous and real risks, both for everyone who is in it and for the same boat. The origin and the causes they present can be multiple. It must be borne in mind that on board, more than 75% of the materials are flammable. Among the most effective methods to … Continue reading "Nautical fire extinguishers"

Nautical shoes – best price

The nautical footwear is one of the nautical articles whose importance is often underestimated, which is an error because it is nothing less than grip, safety and of course, comfort. A good nautical footwear can even prevent diseases or colds that could make you spend unpleasant moments on your sea voyage, but thanks to Nautical … Continue reading "Nautical shoes – best price"