Rent a Catamaran Lagoon 440 in Ibiza

What could not like the catamarans? These boats are really powerful and unique in the theme of sport cruises, its structure allows great stability at sea, as well as providing balance to its crew, because when traveling by catamaran you do not feel the waves as much as in a monohull sailboat, because therefore avoid dizziness and drunkenness, additional activities can be done while the boat is in motion. Rent Catamaran in Ibiza basically due to the need to enjoy more of the island.

Lagoon 440

The Lagoon 440 is a catamaran-type sporty sailboat, designed to maintain the comfort of home on a boat. This boat was built in 2007, has capacity for 10 people, has four double cabins., 8 bunk beds and 4 bathrooms with hot water, kitchen with freezer, electric refrigerator, microwave and other kitchen equipment.

This type of boats are designed for people looking to spend a few days of enjoyment at sea, doing recreational activities such as diving, kayaking, Flyboarding, among others.

Its structure allows for more privacy among the ship’s crew. With the Lagoon 440 you can travel the 550 kilometers of coastline that Ibiza has, as well as other places.

One of the advantages of rent a Catamaran Lagoon 440 in Ibiza , is that this type of boat is that it can reach shallow waters, something that a normal sailing boat can not do and this feature allows people on board, Enjoy more of the beaches and even take the time to explore the shore and the different places that are on the mainland.

What is a pattern?

The skipper is the person responsible for the boat and its crew, in a few words it is the captain of the ship. This figure must be aware of everything that happens on the ship and must be able to solve any emergency that may arise.

Advantages of requesting the services of a skipper

There are many advantages we have when requesting the rental of sailboats with skipper in Ibiza . Next we will mention some of them:

  1. By delegating responsibilities, we have more time to share and enjoy.
  2. The skipper of the ship is able to solve any problem that may arise on the ship.
  3. The captain knows many places, so he can take you to each of them.

There are many advantages to hiring a skipper so when you think of renting a sailboat do not hesitate to request the service of this qualified staff.

Nautical fire extinguishers

Fires on board ships are one of the most dangerous and real risks, both for everyone who is in it and for the same boat. The origin and the causes they present can be multiple. It must be borne in mind that on board, more than 75% of the materials are flammable. Among the most effective methods to fight fires on board, are the nautical fire extinguishers , which are one of the main elements in terms of safety that are required on board the boats.

Classification of nautical fires

The fires are classified by groups according to their nature and the combustion material.

A different component class is needed for each type of fire, in order to turn it off. This is the reason why there are several categories of extinguishers classified according to type.

  1. Type A: Combustion of solid organic materials such as wood, cardboard, papers, and rags.
  2. Type B: Combustion of flammable liquids such as waxes, paraffins, fats, solvents, alcohol, and gasoline.
  3. Type C: Electric combustions and flammable gases such as acetylene, butane, propane, and methane.
  4. Type D: Combustible metals and alloys: magnesium, sodium, potassium, aluminum powder, and titanium.

Classification of nautical extinguishers

  1. Water extinguishers

Its application is recommended in type A fire. In them the ejection is carried out by means of a pressurized gas, which is incorporated into the body of the bottle or through an auxiliary bottle.

  1. Foam extinguishers.

Its application is recommended for fire of the type B type, and can also be used in type A fire.

  1. Dust extinguishers.

There are several powder extinguishers, the first the dry powder, for fires of the class type B and C, it is second it is effective antibrases powder in the class fires type A, B and C, and the third special powder that are for fire of type D. The dust is driven by the pressure of CO2 or N2 gas compressed in an additional bottle, or also by the pressure incorporated in the same bottle containing the powder.

  1. CO2 fire extinguishers.

Its application is very useful and recommended for small fire of the type B type and fires in electrical installations. They are also called carbonic snow, generate the impulse by the own pressure of the CO2 that the bottle contains.

Nautical shoes – best price

The nautical footwear is one of the nautical articles whose importance is often underestimated, which is an error because it is nothing less than grip, safety and of course, comfort. A good nautical footwear can even prevent diseases or colds that could make you spend unpleasant moments on your sea voyage, but thanks to Nautical Shop, you will be able to acquire different types of nautical footwear, according to your need, in different numbers and of course, at best price.

Nautical shoes best price

If you require some nautical boots, in you can buy an excellent model of blue rubber boots with anti-slip sole, with a variety of numbers that will allow you to acquire it for the entire crew if necessary. In addition to the ease of on-board travel provided by the non-slip sole, these boots act as an effective insulator in cases where you have to manipulate an electrical device or cable on board, and they are a valuable safety element in case of that it is a day of fishing and they have to store and enter a compartment to place live fish or marine species that could cause unpleasant and dangerous bites in your feet / legs (the use of gloves is also recommended).

If you require a little extra security, the high-top boots are perfect for you. With a system that allows an extra adjustment to the height of the calves, these boots offer a little extra care to avoid getting water or moisture at your feet, as well as avoiding excessive cold in times of going through a storm or in environments too cold.

But if yours is a bit more comfortable and even more casual footwear, the nautical work shoes offered by   , is optimal for on-board travel. the cover, despite being a casual model quite attractive, complies with the regulations for nautical footwear, its ability to resist slippery soil on deck is high, retains heat in the feet avoiding moisture and have an important complement, as are the elements to avoid bad smells, thus forming an excellent article that will help you navigate with comfort and that your image and clothes will match the image of your excellent boat